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Transcript of Michael Merle's talk at the Stellenbosch Waldorf School Parents' Conference on 23 July 2011. Click here to read.

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2016 Term dates

Term 4: 11 Oct - 7 Dec

2017 Term dates

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The Playgroup and Kindergarten start the first term a day later

(21 Jan) and close a day before the end of the school year.

Waldorf education is a dynamic, broad approach to education. It is "preparation for the whole of life" that cannot necessarily be duplicated in a traditional school setting.

As we emphasize holistic educational practices, we focus not only on academic education but also on the building of inner strength and character. Individualism is encouraged, with a profound, positive effect on the children. The child's feeling and will are valued. At the Stellenbosch Waldorf School, every child is recognized as a creative individual, who has a contribution to make to humankind. Here, no child gets lost in the crowd.

The Stellenbosch Waldorf School is an independent school where children from all the different communities that live in the Boland and Helderberg’s exquisitely beautiful towns and farms can develop into adults who have been empowered for thinking and living in a challenging world, prepared for contributing to the building of sustainable communities, and whose individual creativity has been allowed to flourish.


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