I have been a student at Stellenbosch Waldorf School since Class 1 and I can honestly say that I would not have chosen any other school if I had the option. There was always something to look forward to when arriving at school, from playing in the sand pit and listening to stories, to going on frustrating Maths camps that turned out to be wonderful in the end. All our teachers were always so supportive in every situation. I appreciated the fact that we could sit down with any of the teachers and talk to them about any stress or joys we felt. I will never forget all the kindness and love that was offered throughout the years. My favourite times in Waldorf were probably from Class 10 through to 13, when we as a class came together and we formed an incredible bond, which I know will always be there, no matter what our future holds.

When the tough times came, when we had to start knuckling down with 
our Cambridge subjects, we always had our friends in our class right by our side, to offer assistance that was needed, wonderful advice and a shoulder to cry on when it was necessary.
 I’m grateful that we did the Cambridge curriculum, even though many of us wanted to pull our hair out at times. At the end of the day it made us stronger and I can comfortably say that every single one of us are one hundred percent prepared for the big world out there!

Thank you Stellenbosch Waldorf for all you have done for me and my class colleagues.

Karla received an A in Afrikaans (AS) and is choosing to re-write her AS Biology in Oct/Nov, to achieve a C for a SAQA pass. Karla is studying what she loves which is Professional Make-up at the Face-to-Face College in Cape Town.