Class 9’s TWELFTH NIGHT has come and gone and it is hard to believe that the six performances flew by as quickly as they did. The students worked very hard and delivered a production worthy of high praise indeed. It was a bittersweet moment as the final curtain went down – relief that one of the major threshold experiences of high school was over, but also sadness that the magic was lifting and the world would just seem ordinary again – but all of those involved were transformed in some way, audiences, students, families – and the effects of this will be felt for a long time.

Many people contributed to the success of this production: all the parents of Class 9, the High School Faculty, The Shed, the live band, Class 9 Guardians – once more we are all reminded of how privileged we are to be part of the warm, loving and giving community of Stellenbosch Waldorf School!

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