Golden Lantern Craft Shop

The Golden Lantern aims to stock only natural and lovingly crafted goods and materials that support the Waldorf curriculum and Stellenbosch Waldorf School. The items available are aimed at stimulating creative, imaginative play and healthy movement.

For those that want to create there is a variety of crafting materials available, including:

  • 100% and 60% felt
  • Hand spun wool
  • Merino wool for felting
  • Karakul wool
  • Mohair
  • Pure wool stuffing
  • Needle felting needles and sponges

Currently available in the office is a range of Lyra pencils, natural bees wax crayons, bees wax sheets for modelling and kite paper, ideal for origami and window transparencies, as well as fountain pens and ink cartridges.

Also in stock are hats with school logo, as well as some golf and t-shirts.