Class 12 Play: 4000 Miles – 8:30pm

//Class 12 Play: 4000 Miles – 8:30pm
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Our talented Class 12’s have been hard at work on their two modern play productions; the culmination of their school drama work and one of the highlights of a Waldorf journey. While both plays carry a parental guidance notice because of their mature themes and language, we hope you will support their upcoming performances. Book a babysitter now if needs be and come and enjoy some thought-provoking and dynamic entertainment!

4000 Miles

Leo has cycled east across America while trying to make sense of his young life. Vera, his quirky New York grandmother, makes an effort to connect with him as a way out of her lonely existence. But can Leo really connect with anyone after all that has happened to him? Can the characters cross the emotional distances between them? Amy Herzog gives us a lyrical and challenging slice of 21st century life in the American tradition of Tennessee Williams.