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Class 9 this year is mounting a version of AS YOU LIKE IT, one of Shakespeare’s pastoral comedies featuring mistaken identity, cross-dressing, a forest, banishment and, of course, LOVE.

Although class 9s are few in number this year, they are still tackling a full-scale Shakespeare work, with the help of some class 11s.  Some of the characters of the play have been removed, but still we follow the story of Rosalind, who falls in love with the young Orlando, during an exciting wrestling match.  They cannot pursue their love, as shortly afterwards, Rosalind is banished by her tyrannical aunt, Duchess Frederica.  Rosalind and her cousin, Celia, decide to run away to the Forest of Arden, in disguise.  Rosalind becomes a shepherd boy, Ganymede and Celia becomes a country girl, Aliena.

Orlando is also at the mercy of his brother, Oliver, who treats him like one of his farm animals and so, Orlando escapes too, with his faithful servant Adam. In the forest of Arden, we meet Duchess Senior and her merry band who have fled from Frederica’s court.  We also meet country girl Phebe and the hapless Silvius, desperately in love with her.  But then…. Phebe’s eyes land on Ganymede (Rosalind) with hilarious consequences.  Orlando also encounters Ganymede in the forest, but does not recognise his former love in this shepherd boy. Then the mean brother Oliver comes to search for Orlando in the forest, to kill him, but he encounters the lovely Celia……. And…… love conquers all!

Everything works out, just as you like it, and we end with a glorious wedding

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