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Hello, and welcome!

We invite all prospective parents interested in finding out more about Waldorf Education for the Kindergarten and Playgroup stages, to come and join our current parents for the community Spring Festival Open Day on the 19th October 2019. Come and experience a morning in our preschool space, meet the teachers and enjoy the celebration. This is one of the annual festivals that we mark along the journey of a Waldorf Education education.

The practicalities for the morning include:

9:30am The morning begins with the Playgroup and Kindergarten classes doing some beautiful singing.

Afterwards the children and current parents and visitors are free to play games, view the classrooms, enjoy a snack and a cuppa and chat to the teachers. The games will be supervised by our current parents.

12pm Close

What is the reason for celebrating the Spring Festival? 

The founder of Waldorf Education, Rudolf Steiner, said this: “The cycle of the year is a mighty breathing of the earth in relation to the cosmos. Festivals create a sense of belonging and mark the rhythms of the year.”

Central to Waldorf Education are the natural rhythms of living, rhythms of our bodies, nature, the seasons, and the development of the young child all the way through to adulthood. There is a breathing in, and a breathing out designed into the daily routine in a Waldorf Kindergarten and Playgroup. There is a breathing in, and a breathing out also around our festivals over the year that gives the students and teachers that sense of steadiness, and opportunities to show gratitude for the provision of the natural world, and anticipation of the gifts of time that lies ahead.

“The original idea of any sacred festival is to make the human being look upward from his dependence on earthly things to those things that transcend the Earth.” Rudolf Steiner

To borrow from one of our sister schools, Raphaeli Waldorf School, “Green is the colour of this season, not only because it is the colour of new natural growth but also because green is literally the mediating bridge colour between light and dark, between blue and yellow. Through stories of change and healing told in the classrooms and crafts arising from them, the universal message of rebirth and resurrection is brought to the children.

We would like to suggest some activities that you can share with your children to support the Spring festival at home.

Taking time to do deeds of kindness (How fitting that many of the children are busy with their Santa’s shoeboxes).

● Writing letters and cards, sending them to charity organisations or the elderly.
● Experiencing a sunrise with your child.
● Taking a long hike together with times and spaces for quiet reflection.
● Practicing cultural dances.
● Baking bread (the classic food that rises/resurrects).
● Taking time to focus on different aromas and smells in nature and in the kitchen: making decorations, particularly with purple and yellow, and also with green.
● Taking early morning walks in the brisk air.
● Having afternoon talks and discussion in the warm sun.
● Making music together – using different instruments – singing.
● Talking about rebirth in nature – the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into the butterfly.
● Talking about biographies where suffering and sorrow are transcended – for the younger child fairy tales or fables with this message such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella. The Grimm Brothers’ versions are authentic and leave the child free to imagine for themselves what the characters look like.”

Please feel free to get in touch with us should you have any questions about our Spring Festival Open Day on our office number 021 8813867 during office hours.

Wishing everyone a truly rejuvenating and refreshing Spring season, and we look forward to seeing you on the 19th October.

Credit to Raphaeli Waldorf School for the input from their website which you can view here: https://raphaeli.co.za/2018/10/08/spring-a-festival-of-healing/

Special thanks to Janine Schacherl for the creation of this beautiful Spring Festival poster design. Her contact number is 0836653532