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Have learning environments become stressful and overwhelming? Come to the Waldorf Kindergarten Open Day and experience another way of seeing and doing, inspired by the developing child.

Realise your child’s full potential: Stellenbosch Waldorf Kindergarten, Playgroup and Class 1 Open Day 23 October 2021 at Stellenbosch Waldorf School 9H30 to 12H30

As we emerge from a post-pandemic world, many of us are rethinking the way in which we organise our lives and the lives of our families. After more than a year of juggling work, personal and school life, it’s time to press the reset button, both for ourselves and for our children. We’ve been given a blank canvas, which we can now thoughtfully and intentionally colour with our dreams for our children’s future.

At Stellenbosch Waldorf School, we strive to create a warm, welcoming, and inspiring learning environment, one in which both children and parents can thrive. We keep the numbers in the classes low to ensure that each child receives the attention they need. Primary school learners have one teacher throughout Class 1 – 7, which means that a very close bond is formed between child and teacher. Our philosophy is to nurture the development of children into adulthood through academic, social, emotional, and practical experiences. We want them to be fully rounded human beings and realise their potential on all levels – not just academically.

We invite you to our beautiful campus, off Annandale Road, where children find themselves in touch with nature every day. Come and meet our teachers and staff and learn more about the Waldorf way.

In the Playgroup, children experience a warm, homely environment in which to take those very first steps towards big school. Playgroup provides a gentle bridge between home and school and offers a social and playful experience for children aged 2 and older.

Kindergarten offers a nurturing environment for children aged 4 to 6. Here they gain a solid foundation in learning through indoor and outdoor play, music and song, handwork, and creative expression.

The Waldorf Kindergarten environment promotes development through the child’s “hands” and engages them through active encouragement and support. These years also lay the foundation for Class 1, the next big step in your child’s journey through school.

So, if you are looking for an immersive educational experience that will put your child first, join our open day on the 23rd of October, and see what the Waldorf approach is all about. Please bring along a picnic to enjoy on the grass after our gathering.

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