Congratulations to our Matrics

For our first year of National Senior Certificate (NSC) Matric with 15 students. Our students achieved 13 Bachelor posses with excellent results including 13 A’s and 23 B’s. We acknowledge the successes and striving of our school leaving students and wish them well on their journey into their future.

At Stellenbosch Waldorf School we offer our children a full and expansive education, which extends beyond academic performance and is something which cannot be measured by symbols.

The whole experience of their lives unfolding thus for has been held and nurtured by dedicated teachers. The focus being on meeting the developing human being and honing their individual skills and qualities they bring to bear. throughout their school life.

Our staff, working together with our parents have created a rich environment that supports and enables our children to grow and to step into the world to fulfill their life tasks. We look forward to hearing from oil our students about their future endeavours.

Logic can get you from A to B, Imagination can take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein