I have been a student at Stellenbosch Waldorf School since Class 1 and I can honestly say that I would not have chosen any other school if I had the option. There was always something to look forward to when arriving at school, from playing in the sand pit and listening to stories, to going on frustrating mathematics camps that turned out to be wonderful in the end.

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At Stellenbosch Waldorf School I was met with many challenges and with the support of my classmates, teachers and parents, I was able to conquer and grow from them. There was no attempt to mold me into an ‘ideal member of society’, instead I was encouraged and given the skill set to find my own place and to invest in the process in becoming who ever I wanted to become.

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The Class 12 project was a breakthrough when I produced a stop-motion video and so many people came to me afterwards and commented and congratulated me. I was able to see myself through my teachers, my classmates and my school community. I was awe-struck that this creation could invoke excitement and inspiration in people. I want to do more of this, I thought to myself. I then realised I could do so much more.

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I am walking into adulthood with many valuable lessons that the Waldorf approach has taught me. Lessons that are far more than just academic knowledge, but lessons about mental and emotional resilience, belief in oneself and a different yet positive way to embrace life.

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