An absolutely fascinating day was had on Saturday 20 May, when parents came together to hear and see how maths is experienced and taught at Stellenbosch Waldorf School. Parents share their thoughts:

‘A big thank you for organising the day! It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know some of the teachers better, as well as parents outside our class environment.

I came away with a much deeper understanding of the Waldorf approach to teaching, and not only about maths, but in general – a sense of allowing the child to find meaning in what they are learning and inviting, through a deep interest in whatever they are engaging with, their own ‘aha’ moments.  I appreciated that we were given the opportunity through the workshops to experience this approach not only cognitively, but with our bodies and all our senses.  I enjoyed every minute and I so look forward to participating in future events.”   Primary School Parent

“I am always amazed and inspired by the adult / parent education days at our school. It always highlights just how fortunate we are to be in a school where attention is paid to facilitating a love of learning.  I really urge everyone, old and young, to attend these insightful days at the school – you will wish you were back at school – in a Waldorf School this time! Thank you to the organisers and all the teachers who show such a dedication and passion for the children and the education.”   High School Parent