On Wednesday evening we had our annual Class 12 Eurythmy performance. It was an incredible opportunity for our students to show the work that they have been developing over the past year.

It is always so wonderful to share these events with our community. The class were absolutely fantastic!  They presented a range of performance pieces from the more traditional to the more absurd and humourous. It was certainly a celebration of Eurythmy and incredibly well attended.
I would like to thank all the people who contributed to making this event possible. Emma Stotko, our Primary School Eurythmy teacher who helped so much as our director. Svetlana Ivanova, our pianist who played tirelessly for us. Christiane Wigand who helped with our backdrop and choreography and Lionel Chanarin from the Shed who hosted the event. I would also like to thank the parents of Class 12 that supported the class throughout the build up to the performance. But most of all I would like to thank and acknowledge the Class 12’s themselves for sharing so much with us. The Eurythmy was moving and transformational, enlightening and hilarious. We left the event carrying the fruits of their work within us.
David John Haigh
High School Eurythmy Teacher