Early Childhood: A Time for Imitation and Play (Playgroup/Kindergarten): Willing

From birth to age 7, the aim of the Waldorf teacher is to surround students with beauty, truth, and goodness. Out of the belief that children must have trust in the world as a foundation for healthy future development, the Waldorf teacher strives in the early years to be a model worthy of imitation, and to share all that is good in the world with the students. He or she also focuses on providing an environment that enables the children to develop healthy bodies and wills, engaging their natural desire to move and explore, to do. Social skills are taught through family-style snacks and meals, circle time, and ample time for problem-solving through play. The imagination is engaged through stories told aloud, orally and not read, by the teacher. The young child is also invited to express themselves through the important activity of free drawing, crafting with natural materials and preparations for their Waldorf festivals.