Stellenbosch Waldorf School is a new school. In my time, in the high school, I saw new classrooms being built, teachers coming and going, even entire subjects changing or expanding. Being a part of only the second class to matriculate has been a fascinating, albeit nerve-wracking experience. As the school settles more and more I look forward to seeing how my brother Mika’s journey, and his experience of it, differs from mine.

I experienced the infamous Cambridge examinations as a
thick forest: There was no way of seeing through it and
hearing legends of what would happen filled me with unease.
All I could do was to prepare as much as humanly possible and make my way through to the other side. I’ve looked at Cambridge from both sides now, and the stress came mostly from the preparation. To me the weeks spent obsessing over whether I had worked hard enough, eventually convincing myself that I had failed everything, now seem unnecessary.

Academically, I rarely experienced an unsupportive environment, and when there were issues they were openly discussed and settled as best possible. I have been in a total of six schools and it is only in Waldorf schools that my education has been enhanced by the close relationships I can have with my teachers.

At Stellenbosch Waldorf School I was met with many challenges and with the support of my classmates, teachers and parents, I was able to conquer and grow from them. There was no attempt to mould me into an ‘ideal member of society’, instead I was encouraged and given the skill set to find my own place and to invest in the process in becoming who ever I wanted to become.

Events such as the grade 9 and 12 plays, social practical and especially the grade 12 projects were times that struck chords in me: I caught glimpses of my greatest passions, tasting the drive that I hope to follow me throughout my life.

Roland achieved a HESA pass with an A for Afrikaans (AS), an A for English (AS), and A for History (AS), A for Biology (IGCSE) and an A for French (IGCSE). His average for his Cambridge examination is an astonishing 80%.
Roland is studying Drama at the University of Cape Town. Congratulations Roland! We will be sharing in your ongoing success and will certainly enjoy the opportunities to see you on stage and screen in the future.