Last Thursday Stellenbosch Waldorf School enjoyed their annual Readathon, and although there was a fundraising element to this fun day, primarily, the hope is that it continues to uphold the love of reading. In our present times, when there is so much electronic information, we took time to turn the pages of a book and enjoy how our imagination is engaged when we are inspired by the characters in stories and how they literally step off the pages.

We saw this in the wonderful characters which the children created and tried on for size, and in the expressions of the young children who were read to by high school students.  What a wonderful day it was with squeals of joy as children arrived at school and shared their characters and then the quiet time of fascination as the stories came alive.

Thank you to all the parents who joined in the spirit and supported the exploration of these characters and the creative dressing-up. We look forward to next year and all the books that will be read from now to then.