Extracts from the Embryology Main Lesson.

This year we began the Embryology main lesson in class 10 by looking at different perspectives on the beginning of life on Earth. The first one was based on the Finnish myth of Kalevala, the second was looking at Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and the third was discussing Genesis from the Bible, so myth, science and religion. Once these three perspectives were given to the class, they needed to discuss them; a question arose, which one do you believe in most and why? Here are some of their answers:

1. Ivan: Science has much value in exploring how life came about but there are far too many holes to deny the existence of a greater influence. This is most true for me because I enjoy logic and fact but I also know there is something more powerful.

2. Ruby: I have grown up with a religious view and I think that the Bible is a way of showing us how to live, not to be taken completely literally. I think there were more families at the time but the Bible focuses only on Adam and Eve because it is a story we can learn from. The religious story, however, has many gaps and for this reason I think Darwin’s theory of evolution is more practical. It has more information and leaves less to chance. It is probably the easier option to believe.

3. Christopher: I resonate best with science and myths when it comes to the creation of the world. They both show very interesting perspectives on how the world was created. When we look at science and chemicals and how thye interacted with one another, it would was created it almost makes sense, it feels strangely magical, it feels like that could be a possibility trying to maybe teach us or show us how life actually started. For me both science and myths play hand in hand when it comes to tthe creation of the world we live in, we can look at both and analyse them, and discover more from them.

4. Yonela: I believe in the Bible that God is the one who created the world including Adam and Eve. He is the one who created everything on Earth. Even if scientists say that the Earth created itself and it is 4.5 to 4.7 Billion years old, I still believe in the Bible because it makes more sense and it says that God created everything and almost everything the we need to know about nature and the human body, while on the other side science doesn’t explain everything that we need to know about nature. I believe everything that’s in the Bible because it is the only thing that is really telling the truth. Since I was young I believed in the Bible, my family believe in the Bible and the Bible answers all the questions that I wanted to know and there’s no one else but only God who created the World.

5. Taurik – I believe in the religious point of view because it makes the most sense and it grabs me the most.

These are only some of the perspectives which were discussed in class, but what I value most is that everyone agreed that no matter what the ‘facts’ were they still needed to capture something inside of you, something intangible, invisible and yet real enough to make you believe …

Mrs Violetka Diemer