The countdown has begun for this year’s Class 9 Shakespeare play TWELFTH NIGHT, which runs from Monday 26 November – Saturday 1 December 2018, at 7pm in The Shed.  The Class 9’s are currently feverishly working during school time, over weekends, on some evenings to have their play ready for opening night.  Parents have also been helping to construct a fabulous set and glorious costumes are being gathered, made, adjusted and sewn.

TWELFTH NIGHT is a romping comedy, suitable for the whole family, featuring mistaken identity, girls dressed up as boys, unrequited love, a party-loving uncle and his wealthy, but rather silly friend, a duel or two, some trickery, a shipwreck, a beautiful heiress and a dashing duke, and a servant who believes that there should be no fun in the world!

This production is set in the mythical Italian village of Illyria, with beaches, villas, trattorias and bars.  And of course – music – which is, as Duke Orsino says “the food of love”.

A live band will accompany the action.  Food and drinks will be on sale.  We hope to see you there for what promises to be a fun-filled, memorable evening of entertainment!