Last Friday 10th May Classes 9 and 10 traveled to Hout Bay to do a beach clean-up. The two classes were incredibly enthusiastic and really enjoyed their time at the beach while also doing a wonderful thing for the environment. We were inspired by Greta Thunberg who has used direct action to protest climate change in Europe while inspiring a global movement.

One group of students wandered out onto the beach and collected plastic and other forms of rubbish. While we were collecting litter from the beach dolphins were playing in the waves. The other group of students spent time at the harbour collecting plastic from in-between the rocks.

It was wonderful to see everyone so engaged and enthusiastic. After the clean-up we were given free tickets to take a boat trip out to the Island to see the seal colony. This was given to us as thanks for the clean-up. This was definitely a highlight. It was a perfect day to spend at the beach it was warm and sunny and a fantastic opportunity for us to help the environment.

It is imperative that we start taking steps to reduce the damage we are doing to the environment and actually reverse the effects of climate change. We are really looking forward to doing this again and we would love to do the next beach clean-up with more classes from the school and more members of our school community.

David Haigh

Class 10 Guardian