On the 06. May 2021 we received the following letter from the University of Stellenbosch:

On behalf of Stellenbosch University, I take great pleasure in congratulating you and your school on the qualifications obtained by your former learners at our recent graduation ceremonies in December 2020 and March 2021.
We are honoured to be able to partner with you and your school and we look forward to developing our partnership ever
further in the years to come.

We would also like to commend your for the quality of the students that you and your school deliver.

We regret that the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013, which regulates the use of personal information,
unfortunately prevents us from providing you with further details regarding these students, however.

If our division can be of service to your school in any way, please feel free to phone us at 021 808 4709 or to fax us at 021 808 4708.

Yours sincerely

Leon van den Heever

view letter: Congratulations on Graduates 2021 (pdf, 30 Kb)