All the classes in the Primary School and for that matter, the Playgroup and Kindergarten as well, have been preparing for the Easter Festival which was enjoyed on the last day of term. All the beautiful crafts were displayed against the backdrop of the Easter tree, which has become a key theme in the festival. Bright green blades of winter grass strive up to the light, coloured eggs of many hues and designs appear like lanterns lighting up the beautiful display.  Richly dyed cloths and skilfully woven basket nests hold precious treasures. The eye takes in all this and is drawn to the striking geometric crosses, hand-drawn with great precision on cards, to take home. Other striking mandala patterns beckon you and hold your gaze on the exquisite cards, with messages inside, wishing families a special Eastertide.

Thank you to all the children who prepared the many elements for this special display and to the teachers who created it and set it out, just so, for the whole school to appreciate. And now as we go into the Easter holidays we think of the seeds waiting in the dark earth for the inspiration of growth and warmth, as they prepare their striving into the sun in the Spring. With this picture we begin to step into the approaching depth of Winter, as we know we need the time of the preparation for new life, with the hope that it will be a cloudy and rainy Winter.