Today we celebrated Founders Day which is an annual celebration of Rudolf Steiner’s birthday.

We decided to use this day as a wonderful opportunity to Beautify Our School. The children brought water wise cuttings from their gardens, seedlings and ready hands to do the planting. There was much watering, lots of joy and of course happy hearts and muddy hands.

Thank you to one of our Class 3 parents Candice and Teacher Aai’sha for organising many plants for us from the UWC Nature Reserve Unit. Also thank you to Teacher Steph and Teacher Toni who kindly drove a long way to collect the plants for us. Thank you to Jacob for organising all the water for us and always being ready to help. Thank you to all our amazing teachers for coordinating all the hard work getting the plants into the ground today.

A very big thank you to The Bee Effect for donating about 250 lovely seeds to us. These are special seeds that grow into Plants that Bees Love.  The children enjoyed burying the organic food strips from The Bee Effect Bee Food seed boxes. Now the wait in anticipation to see the little sprouts pop up. The Bee Effect is part of our SWS community through a parent in high school, and it is such a wonderful initiative that we would like to work with.

After all the digging, clearing, planting and watering our children and teachers enjoyed games, and some classes enjoyed a picnic.

A very successful Founders Day indeed!