Our High School recently held its annual Sports Day.   The weather wasn’t in a sporty mood, however the high school students of Griffon, Pegasus and Phoenix were excited and the day could not have been cancelled due to a few clouds. As is tradition, the event was started off with the daunting 800m run which included 3 laps around the field.

There was however a brief shower of heavy rain which came and went within a few seconds. This obviously brought about some panic from the young athletes but the day continued and there was no sign of rain for the remainder of the day.

Many of the students surprised themselves and their peers with their performances! As much as it was a competitive occasion lots of fun was had and at the end Phoenix triumphed with 977 points, Griffon came in second with 925 points and Pegasus at third place with 861 points.

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards making the day such a great success!