The Santa Shoebox Project is a non-profit organization that collects Christmas gifts for the socially disadvantaged children throughout South Africa, by way of a social and community network of families, friends, schools and churches.

This project is instrumental in involving people from all walks of life, especially children together with their parents, in giving to children from a distinctly vulnerable social background who may never have received a Christmas gift before.

In essence it is therefore also about children learning the joy of giving, by personally choosing and filling the gift boxes, and then decorating and labeling each with the recipient’s name.

Many people have a desire to contribute to their community or do their ‘little bit for charity’, but often don’t know where to start. The Santa Shoebox Project takes pride in channeling all that positive energy and goodwill into something that is credible, achievable, makes a real difference in a specific child’s life and leaves the donor feeling like we have had a positive impact.

“After pledging a Santa Shoebox (SSB) myself in 2016 for the first time, I felt that I could contribute more and I became a sub-coordinator for this land wide initiative in the Helderberg area. Attending the first volunteers meeting, it became clear to me that we, as the Stellenbosch Waldorf School, can be a valuable contributor to this project in several ways and so since 2017, Stellenbosch Waldorf School supports the Santa Shoebox project.” Leen Van Roey, SWS parent.

In 2017 we made more than 30 children happy with a Christmas box, in 2018 we upped that to 43! We hope we can match that this year!


  • Donations of the following are welcome and can be handed in with Bozena at the Lucky Bean, or Althea at the Reception Office, or via Teacher Brenda in High School.
  • Soap
  • Facecloth
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Educational supplies / Stationary
  • Sweets (non-perishable, no tins, no nuts)
  • Toys (for smaller children) or gadgets (for teenagers)


High School, Primary and Kindergarten parents can support your class in this initiative by collectively building consciousness and interest in this initiative and donating as a class.

If you prefer to contribute a box as a family, please do so. You can register yourself on the Santa Shoebox Project Website: where you will find more information.

Alternatively for more information please  phone the SWS number on 021 8813867, and speak to Cary-Ann.

Thank you to our school community, and to Leen, for being a part of giving to others in our country this Christmas. It will make Christmas that extra bit more magical!