Has education become boring and impersonal? Is your child just another number? Is your child reaching their full potential, on every level? Visit the Stellenbosch Waldorf School and experience education for the future.  

Realise your child’s individual potential at Stellenbosch Waldorf School

Kindergarten to Matric – age 2 to 18

As we emerge from a post-pandemic world, many of us are rethinking our lives and the lives of our families. After more than two years of juggling work, personal and school life, it’s time to press the reset button, both for ourselves and for our children. We’ve been given a blank page, which we can now thoughtfully and intentionally fill with the dream for our children’s futures. 

At Stellenbosch Waldorf School, we strive to create a warm, welcoming, and inspiring learning environment, one in which both children and their families can thrive. Our philosophy is to nurture the development of children into adulthood through academic, social, spiritual, emotional, and practical experiences. We focus on holistic education, producing children who are fully rounded human beings, who realise their potential on all levels. 

We invite you to our beautiful campus, off Annandale Road, where children find themselves in touch with nature every day. Come and meet our passionate teachers and staff and learn more about what makes Waldorf education the education for the future. 

In Playgroup, children experience a warm, homely environment, providing a gentle bridge between home and school. Playgroup is a small group and offers a social and playful experience for children aged 2 and older.

Kindergarten offers a nurturing environment for children aged 4 to 6. Here they gain a solid foundation in learning through indoor and outdoor play, music and song, handwork, and creative expression. 

As the child enters Primary School, the earlier stage of imitation expands into a need for applied learning and guiding authority found in the class teacher. In most cases, the class teacher remains the children’s teacher from Class 1 through to Class 7, and together with the curriculum, develops in each child a love for learning.

In High School, the key areas of focus are the child’s intellect and critical thinking. Waldorf’s approach is unique in that it not only develops the mind, it prepares young adults for a balanced life through core experiences, carefully facilitated to unlock their individual potential.  The twelfth year is particularly rich in experiences that prepare them for life and further education, including research and presentation of an academic thesis together with creative productions that reflect their growth and readiness for the world. The thirteenth year is when Waldorf students write their NSC Matric exams, a culmination of their love of learning, fostered by their Waldorf education. 

So, if you are looking for progressive education for your child, one that will produce a holistically educated young person, book a tour of the Stellenbosch Waldorf School. Contact our Admissions Officer at admissions@waldorfschool.org.za

Applications are considered throughout the year.